How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In 2019


Figuring out how much does it cost to make an app in 2019?

Don’t worry!

Here it is what do you exactly want and not only this; take a brief discovery to know how you will effectively make choice to build a perfect app for your business.

App development cost is a really gigantic and time-consuming job to estimate! In 2018 approximately 50% of users searched on Google for app development cost breakdown.

I have read many blogs, short blogs, articles, guest post and many more to gather information on how much app production is exactly cost. I like one that has mentioned – ‘there is no one such good answer has been delivering yet’.

So I am in! Tap the below button to get started with pricing and choices need to study with me.



Here what you will go to read further is totally systemized so (don’t) even try to skip any part or jumping over here. Read in chronological order!


If you are a reader, any passer, or a person who literally want to develop an app, then arrange your stuff very well and mark down the importance you found in this blog and discuss with an expert in the end.

Let start >>>1….2….3…


Well, the development of any app or requirement starts with an idea. After it, you start to evaluate the market for alternatives from which you can save money and get your app developed well. Right

Then let me start with your choice…!


1. Did You Make A Right Choice? Find Here


In a survey, I found that more than half of 50% of people failed to choose the right decision. The decision related to alternatives from which you can develop app better in low-cost.

In the real world, there are apparently three choices you need to choose if this goes well then your lot of shit (money) will save!

Here you can make a good decision after reading this tabular:


develop app better in low-cost


  • Choice of Freelancer may not be a good option for consideration as it was hard to be relying on. The services you paid for and in-return less deliver with low scope is measure in this area.

  • Choice of Offshore is considered the average decision. Mostly 30% of people contact app development companies for the best estimation and work.

  • Choice of Premium is really best but it cost high (sometimes), the services you get are very well considered and enough to get a better and robust application.

I hope you make a good choice!

The next job is really complicated than this you need to be professional in this area and need a tight study to leverage good result.

Here I am talking about ‘cost’, ‘price’ and ‘expenses’

Do you make any study? No! Give yourself a good reason…




If you read about marketing (which I totally like) you probably heard well enough about ‘low cost, high productivity’.

I know you want same! Make a chart on your plain paper and markdown excellent, intermediate, and beginner companies according to the geographic location.

Have no idea how to make! Take a deep eye down below


companies according to the geographic location


Yeh! I know what you think

The result is very surprising you can check clearly that there is a big difference in cost-side you can measure.

Contact in North America will raise your cost high above your expectation level. As it is a developing country it is natural to charge $50 – $250 there. On the other hand, if you look at Eastern Europe and Western Europe there is a possibility in the reduction of cost as follow $20 – $170. While Asia is a totally cost-effective approach for outsource and app development with hourly rate $10 – $80. That’s why gulf countries prefer Indian market for app production.

Want to know why?


Read Here – Why Gulf Countries Prefer Indian Mobile App Development Company for Start-up?


If you have a shoestring budget and looking down to cut the fills and make an app with reasonable quality then you can look for the lower price as well.

However, if your budget is marked well and would like to get an app developed via techy complexity I prefer to contact the brand company as price ladder will raise high well.


Dive to the next-edge called work will take out your brain in the table! Sound funny, but it is not…




At the end of the day, it’s the customers that will buy and access your application.”

Most businesses play well and others don’t. What causes behind this? Is this problem facing you?

Customer is king-pin of the market’ I know you heard it. If your hard-work involves customers and you are focused toward your customers – man you just earned golden success than others dare to do. This is why some businesses failed in the sound target.

In the case of app development, every single app is made and market considering the view of customers. In case of an e-commerce app or web if you failed to target your audience than your app is worthless to stay long in the market.

You will knockout from the market soon without confirmation! So, decide and target your customers well then your competitor.




Next, you need to be categorizing yourself or in simple word ask questions to yourself.

What type of application do you want? Do you need the single or cross-platform app? Will, it good to be developing a free app, paid app or e-commerce?

These questions cannot be judge suddenly (do research) otherwise talk to an expert.


4.1 What Type of Application?


Type of Application


Choice of an application can knock cost high or low! There are three types of application which covered cost on.


Native Application

Native apps are rich in performance and deliver an outstanding experience to the users. These apps build for a specific platform like IOS and Android.


Hybrid Application

This type of application relaxes developer time and easy to develop the app. They are easy to manage and develop. However, you can grant user experience at a high level.


Web Application

Web apps is a computer program that used in a web browser to perform several tasks over the internet. And, 80% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps over websites.


4.2 Did You Want Single or Cross-Platform App?


Single or Cross-Platform App


Android and IOS have to take a much serious lead in the market, and for your reference, Android has 30% more users than IOS. If you target an only single platform, it is May possible you have a low number of consumers (but) it is alright to build for a single platform as there is wider scope in Android.

For cost precautions, yes you will find a big difference on a single as well as cross-platform apps. It can be truly said that cost can increase in case of the single/individual platform, but if you consider cross-platform then one app can run on any device and hence you can save big cost here.


The advantage of developing a cross-platform mobile app:

  • Reusable Code – It simplifies the task of the developer in the corner of codes and eliminates repetitive task. Evacuate writing a fresh piece of code for the individual platform, developers can directly reuse the codes anytime and merge/use into a different platform.

  • Cost-Effective – No doubt as compared to a single platform, cross-platform take less time to initiate development in low-cost.

  • Fast Development – Get app developed faster and easier with simple and manageable codes for once at all. Publish app faster than lighter in right time.

  • Easy Deployment – From planning to the deployment phase, cross-platform app perform well with dynamic UI design and integration. The client can get a much effective result in case of cross-platform app development.

  • Flexibility – It is lovable! The single code base runs for all help in agile maintain of application in uniformity way. It increases the feeling and experience.


4.3 Is it Paid apps, Free apps, or E-commerce?


Make it easy for you to choose and understand. You can earn money from apps that have in-built features like a pop-up advertisement or something else. This is the brand high technique used by many fortunate firm or companies.

If you think to do so>>>go ahead. Well, there are other sources available to earn money from the application.

  • You can publish ‘paid apps’ like Need for Speed but is very important to set pricing according to the consumer expenditure in mind.

  • Free apps’ literally make money from various sources such as an advertisement, sponsorship, and email marketing.

  • E-commerce apps’ make their way very simple, they sell and buy the product and made money.




The lifecycle of an application is consciously depending on nature/type/adoption of development process/procedure/method.

In an article, I read that ‘the process from which the app born also your cost is a walk by side’ How?

Probably your cost is somewhere invested, and most important is, is it worth or not. Actually what I want to tell you is that app development takes time and your hourly rate measured according to that. It is important to know their app development process in order to estimate cost.

Generally, business carries ab agile methodology process nowadays, which brings hundreds of advantages to the business as well as consumers.

A glimpse of the agile methodology of app development is pictured below!


agile methodology of app development


So ask for the type of development process adopts by businesses!

Good luck.




Time to be noting my lord! It is very important to know the sequence of clock-ticking time required to develop an app for a specific platform.

Like in a survey, Android application takes 20% more time than iOS applications. So, if you’re considering building an android app or iOS app (make a time plan) for that.

I know it is a part of the developer’s job, but is it you actually think?

I mean you can also analyze the time required to build a single app if you know the app development process (if any).

Let cover-up an instance to know wisely!

Suppose you are a client and I am the business owner, you have an idea based on an application aim to nurture your business for a specific platform like IOS and Android. OK!

You come to me and ask for the converting my idea into reality. I understand your idea, research on it, make a plan, ask with my barnstormers and initialize the development phase along with testing result and hand-over to you.

So, now think what will be the possible time to get your app back to you! Hmmm

Yeh! I know it will be a couple of weeks. How much? Is the actual question

Actually, a good company takes a single day to understand your idea. But in terms of average count, it would be 2-5 days.

Moving to the research side, expert tries to find out the best possible way to make the idea into reality requiring a minimum 1 week and on an average basis it could be 2-3 weeks.

Making a plan and writing in documentation necessarily takes 1 week.

Glimpse to make app into rough plain paper would take time by a manager within a single week.

Implementing all assets in the development phase roughly takes more time usually a scrap app will take 2-3 weeks of development and the medium app will take a 5-7 week and the high app will take beyond a month.

Testing is about to involve hard work of couple days usually express in middle of 1-3 days.

After successful testing and follow up, it is one day work to deliver to the app to the owner.

[Remember Android application will take more time than iOS application, the percentage increase in time is about 15-20%]


Read More: Additional Internal and External Factors Effect Cost To Make An App in 2019




What are your ballpark estimates for mobile app development? This high-medium-low ballpark is suggested to give you a basic idea of the costs you indeed for.




Depending on your current need and your choice for development can fluctuate cost and behave differently as well.

You may end up paying higher or paying lesser, at your will, you could self analyze your expenditure capacity through my HTML ballpark estimates:

Look for Premium App Development Company for cost ballpark can be anywhere $500K to $1million.

Cost ballpark for mid-size Offshore App Development Company can be anywhere $150K to $400K.

Freelance people stand out the cost anywhere $10K to 30K.




Use of online calculators helps you to determine costs to get a scrapped idea of expenditure. However, the online app cost calculator premise of certain standards.

They have a fixed pattern of structure and features ask for and the cost made according to the choices. In case you skip some part or don’t know what ask about it, it doesn’t mean you cut down the cost. It may take higher although.

And in alternate case, if you were unaware of certain features and the list you want for, you may leave out the feature out of the box and correspondence estimate amount cause high.





I know you are in big doubt right now!

Talk to an expert who may have in-depth technical as well as a business working knowledge is good to point to consider.

It is like to come closer with a finger that uses most of the time and has grasped to point something out fabulous.

Isn’t it!

An expert works on various types of projects under circumstances which help them to increase their efficiency unit and made him/her expert in their field. You have a spotlight opportunity to grab those skills in your budget. So, I prefer to talk with an expert for my app development solutions or any.


Contact us page




Mobile apps become an integral part of human life. 80% of users worldwide use a smartphone and open the app for utility satisfaction. If you are running a business (big or small) you bound yourself with an application for growth and survival factor.

Yes! You are right

Nowadays business has to shake hand with an app development company for higher productivity and convenience.

Orion infosolutions helped dozens of enterprises, firms, companies, organizations, and sectors such as education, entertainment, games, travel, e-commerce etc. Till now they have competed with other giant tech and move ahead with low-cost services and satisfaction agenda.

If you’re mark up or seek for a best app development company, you can find us on Design Rush and can explore best hall of the fame shine app development companies for exciting result.

Don’t forget to check!




They have a better taste to deliver outstanding result than any other!

After a tough survey, we come to the point to know the success rate (expressed in percentage) of Orion infosolutions is good to consider for development of the project.

Before look to the survey, look at the factors used in to conduct the survey:

(I) Client Testimonials

(II) Service Time

(III) Development Time

(IV) Internal Management

(V) Expertise homework

Now look at the success rate of the Orion infosolutions based on the services they deliver:


success rate of the Orion infosolutions




The cost of app development is monster-mouth factor lay on development hourly rate.

It can cost your project high or even low! Here is cost friendly cost offer by Orion infosolutions which is 100% cost budgeted right in your pocket below:




Such a pleasure offer you can use and can cut-down cost. Only here

Whether you want to want to develop a complex application or simple application, Orion expert and their hourly development rate (both) is the best for your convenience.




Orion delivers smiles to the client’s other dares to do!

Their payment is simple as they make you happy. They take 15% – 20% of total amount as up-front work, and further, the amount is divided into milestone project score basis. Like for example:

STAGE I (Designing) – 10% to 20%

STAGE II (Development) – 10% to 20%

STAGE III (Testing) – (15% to 20%)

STAGE IV (Deployment) – (Balancing Fig)




After understanding the cost factors and deep pricing study, I am sure you come to a good conclusion.

An expert can tell you the best estimate than other all remaining factor to consider. He will not only scrap you but also help in planning, organizing controlling, and directing your project in a cost-effective way.



For good work, you can rely on Orion infosolutions experts for any type of services with core customer satisfaction and other stuff.

In the end! Thanks for your time and patience for reading this blog

Thumbs up and share to explore the world!





I want to know how much a 2D/3D game will cost me’

Gaming is hilarious! That’s why it is said, “Gaming is in DNA”.

According to NewZoo, they say that Tencent made the most gaming industry in revenue apparently 8 billion U.S. dollars during the first half of 2018. PUBG, Activision, Blizzard, and Riot, are some among the key investment they made.

There are hundreds of thousands of sets in the market to innovate and change the peoples gaming addictive life as PUBG Tencent did in the mid of 2018.

Who knows develop mobile games is the path of billion-dollar success! (Hmmm)

Quite thinking to develop the mobile game! Yes, you sure…

Then keep reading this blog and found the key importance/factors/cost for mobile game development (if Ur serious)!

If you are so serious and want to develop a game app for economic attraction, customer’s attraction or business attraction, then you must have a glimpse (down) to know the statistics about gaming industries revenue worldwide. This will highly help you to target and position the right market for game development.

Market for game development


Do you know?

PUBG is first ever has been made 2018-2019 year trending game developed by Tencent! A well armored, full of shooting, hard to survive with the ultra-realistic graphic is not a baby shit game developed with tiny dollars.

The cost to develop a game like 3D (PUBG, Blizzard, and Riot) for mobile will cost you around $60000 – $150000 US dollar (cost idea from Quora).

If you are carrying this one and have a brilliant idea, and have a sound budget, of course, you can develop your own game with these estimates.

But, why I have to develop a game for mobiles? Is it well-worthy for my business? Or it is a path for million dollars success?

If these questions are pumping you and want to know answers of them! Keep reading…

Video games have cognitive benefits leverage to developers, business, and gamers.

For developers, it highly increases their knowledge, skill, and innovative mindset in the best way. Apart from this, for them, developing video games is a successive path to demonstrate their skills and fulfilling dreams.

For business, absolutely it is million dollar path! Big companies like Tencent, Activision, TTG etc. only deals in designing and developing games.

For Gamers, Gaming is like DNA, never apart, no life without gaming! Eventually business getting more successive results in the game development sector.

Ok! Let me discuss more profitable points of Video Game Development.

Million Successive Advantage of Video Game Development (Developer Point)!

Talking about the good and bad side of video game development, this is going to be an interesting talk. Let’s take a close look to identify what covers game development companies to make a year dominant.

Good Side:

  • Develop games requires high and prominent skills. Developers have a golden path to demonstrate their art and creativity while developing games.

  • It is considered a good career opportunity for both industries as well as developers to enjoy the dynamic steady career.

  • What could be better enough to get more than you show! For developers, gaming is a best and creative way to earn a competitive salary.

  • While I say gaming make people happy, and developers make a good effort and career out of helping people have fun.

  • The scope of game development is very wider and covered with golden glossy, developers work in an enthusiastic and casual environment.

Bad Side:

  • Most of the developers say that it is a million long hour to work on a single project.

  • In most of the cases, developers feel hard to settle themselves in a defined environment.

  • You can say that the developer has permanent job security, in most of the case job changed due to rigid factors.

  • While in a year most of the games published and abounded, and behind the scene, it discourages the hard also.

  • It is uncertain, you are about to create something that can get publicly bashed.



Hilarious Game Design & Development Tools & Softwares (Consider in 2019)

Game development is the hub of ‘Innovation’. Every year (I) and (you) saw the master year game we played and open million dollar path for business.

Let me make it easy to figure out!


Game Design & Development Tools


Imagine the competition between these popular halls of the famous games! Cut-throat-competition I say…what you call?

What did you think who will be the master grand championship in 2019? Which mobile game development tools will brand up in the gamers market? I wonder to know…!

Well, seriously I don’t know, it’s unknown (I think), but I can tell you who will be the brand mobile game development tools to be used most in 2019!

Let explore the treasury…!

1. Unreal Engine (released in 1998)

Unreal Engine development cost


Unreal Engine is one of the best and oldest gifts that the game industry got. Talking about 2018 or further here (no surprise) that Unreal Engine 4 or (UE4) is the new and brand unreal development kit released by ‘Epic Games’. The supported platform is like; iOS, Android, Steam, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Xbox, HTML5.

Read more on Unreal Engine: –



2. Unity (released in 2005)

Unity mobile game development cost

Don’t pretend you don’t know!

Did you play ‘Pokémon Go’ (Unity Engine); it is one of the biggest brand names for gamers and superb development kit for developers.

Unity is a popular and strong game development engine allows developers or used to develop the game with 2D and 3D features.

Read more on Unity: –



3. Delta Engine (released in 2014)

Delta Engine game development


Open source game development delta engine can easily develop mobile games. The basic and complex situation like content editing on the image, sounds, music can be handled easily without wasting time and moreover it save files automatically.

Read more on Delta Engine: –



4. Godot Engine (released in 2014)

Godot Engine development


Go Dot Engine consider nice and clean interface for high-end 2D/3D game development (not only this) although its favorable features make developers love to use ‘Godot Engine’.

It is associated with numerous options, tools, and functions to leave the rest of the (game development) easy and good.

Read more on Godot Engine: –

5. Amazon Lumberyard (released in 2015)


Amazon Lumberyard game


Amazon Lumberyard is a free AAA game engine for Android, iOS, PC, Xbox game development. The game with ultra high graphics development falls under this game development tool. It is dam easy to seamless and integrated games.

Read more on AL:

Frozen Factors Influencing Mobile Game Development Cost



Jump to the factors of mobile game development cost is highly conceived by following forces. The determining factors are highly scalable and can change the shape of a game development process, decision-making, and developer’s choice.

The factors influencing mobile game development cost is categorized into two behavior patterns:



A. External Behaviour Forces

The external choice is really hard-core decision forces that cause into fluctuating cost. If you are trying to develop a good game than there are several homogeneous counting you have to count as mentioned below:

1) Decision-Related to Country

It starts with choosing the effective and soulful country in order to save cost and time along with your game development process. Countries like developed, developing, and undeveloped is really higher thinking process if it not goes in well hand than you have to spend more than you could afford.

2) Choice of Development

Well here it is more than frustrating, suppose I want to develop a game application and I targeted the country, then what I have to do further? I am surely thinking about to choose what sources for my game development; what I am looking for some brilliant mobile game development company? Wish I am looking for top freelance? Or I shake hand with some reputed agency?

So, in this arena study is most important to cover-up your cost and development time!

Well, I suggest go with the reliable and reputed game app development company. I mean they have brilliant resources to convert my brilliant idea into a real one!

B. Internal Behaviour Forces

Here is more you are looking for! After understanding the external forces, let dig in internal forces too.

1) Choice of OS

For what platform you want your application developed – IOS, Android, and Windows etc. When I research to know what is the cost of development if I am trying to develop an app for Android and IOS.

IOS perform better than Android; developer says that IOS app development takes fewer hours as compared to Android app development.

2) In-app Complexities

It is your time to say what you want in your app (functions, features, and security) type of design (template, intermediate, and excellent). Remember, the choice you made to add in your app, will cost high as you add or wish!

3) Don’t Forget Time

Time is important to judge your cost estimation! Remember to ask their type of development flow, timing to finish the one-batch process of requirement (planning – designing – development).

4) Development Process

How they deliver your project! What resources, planning, methods involved in to complete your project. Moreover, this is an indirect factor to cause you app development cost. I mean that the development process is associated with time and I already discuss it.

5) Hourly Development Rate

An important factor to consider! Hourly charges are the really cognitive factor to consider in cost fluctuation. How much they charge, on what basis is really extempore for clients to figure out. So, ask for it…

Have a Look…!

Frozen Factors Influencing Mobile Game Development Cost


How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Mobile Game In India [Tell My Cost?]

I found a lot of people wondering to know the pure cost to develop a mobile game! If you are one of them, please hold this blog for a little longer!

First, if you are looking to know the cost, you should frame out the features, designs, and functions in your mind to calculate the cost. If you already derive, let get to know how much my mobile game app will cost?

1) Start! With Mini Game Development Cost:

To know the fair cost of mini-games like Mario, Asteroids, and Geometric War etc can be known from its breakdown features.


Mini Game Development Cost


In-app features to break down game development cost:

  • Platform – Android ($1200 – $3900)

  • UI Design – Game UI ($4000 – $13000)

  • Security – No Sign Up Required ($40 – $130)

  • Services – 3rd Party ($1400 – $4600)

  • Features – In-app Purchases ($600 – $23630)

So well now you can calculate and get pure game app development cost like mini-games! It will cost you around $7300 – $24000.

[NOTE: The above cost is related to their game features if you could add more or less features the cost will likely behave high or low.]

2) Casual 2D Game Development Cost:

If you want to develop 2D games like Plants vs Zombies, Dungeon, and Battle of Galaxy the cost will look like this:

2d game app development cost


In-app features to break down game development cost:

  • Platform – Android ($1500 – $4000)

  • UI Design – Game UI ($5000 – $15000)

  • Security – No Sign Up Required ($100 – $300)

  • Services – 3rd Party ($2000 – $5500)

  • Features – In-app Purchases ($1000 – $2000)

Likely, 2D game app will cost around $9600 – $26800. The above cost is only based on their features, if they have additional features or services the cost will slightly increase.

[NOTE: The above cost is estimated using casual 2D games. There are dozens of 2D games based on high-graphics, apparently, their cost will high too.]

3) Premium Level Mobile Games Cost:

Here you fall in love! I mean these levels of games are addictive for the gamers. Developing games which makes years of dominant and make fall gamers to love generally require the high level of investment.

The mid-level mobile games like Angry Birds and Cut the rope series cost around $60000 – $120000. The high-level or premium mobile games like the newest release of Angry Birds, NFS, FIFA, Asphalt and many more cost above from $120K.

You already know that develop the game is not minutes of efforts involved, if you are developing games like PUBG, Asphalt, FIFA apparently required more than 3 years.

Well, if you trying to looking out or figuring out to develop mini, 2D or 3D game in India, the cost will slightly low as compared to other countries.

Why you won’t contact some reputed mobile game app development company in India?

This is the best way to know your estimate (purely) than any other! Trust Me! I tried…

Orion Infosolutions Develop Outstanding 2D/3D Native and Cross-Platform Mobile Games

With the harness of best gaming technology, Orion infosolutions that are best known to design and develop a high class, intuitive, and immersive mobile game for the clients, start-ups, and industry.

In their hub, they have a compliment an excellent level of mobile game developer that has a wide array of technical and creative knowledge in their respective realm. They welcome top-notch complexities and new trials with our unmatched skills and assure to deliver the exact mobile game solutions that best match to the clients.

With the help of their advance and superior game expertise, they created innumerable mobile games for a prominent OS like – iOS, Android and Others. They design and develop mobile games like puzzle games, racing game, arcade game, adventure game, poker game, education game, strategy game, battle game and much more and guess what still they are cost-effective.

1) Orion Game Developers Hourly Cost on Different Platforms (100% Cost Friendly)!

They possess mankind that has hands-on experience to develop a game on, unlike technologies!

Here is Orion hourly rate they use to develop mobile games on unlike platforms:


Game Developers Hourly Cost

Ask your quotation now! (Contact Us) 


2) Our Niche Decisions Make Game App Development Process More Beautiful!

Orion infosolutions update with latest trends! Nowadays the app development process becomes a superior activity for all type of industries. What type of successive pattern/flow/structural you follow for completion of the target is really necessitate decisions.

According to the modern trend, the agile development process assertive the market and industries for quite challenging. Thus, Orion infosolutions strictly follow agile app development process for a great result. Here is a glimpse of their niche process:

Game App Development Process More Beautiful




3) Orion Simple and Executive Payment Method and Process!


Orion delivers smiles to the client’s other dares to do! Their payment is simple as they make you happy. They take 15% – 20% of total amount as up-front work, and further, the amount is divided into milestone project score basis. Like for example:

STAGE I (Designing) – 10% to 20%

STAGE II (Development) – 10% to 20%

STAGE III (Testing) – (15% to 20%)

STAGE IV (Deployment) – (Balancing Fig)



Final Words!

Simply this blog is about to deliver pure and correct information that you’re seeking for!

This blog will guide you about the cost estimation for mobile game app development along with deadly factors that help you to solve to estimate your project.

The gaming industry has a really big scope, if you are planning to dig into it with a brand new game app idea, you can consider Orion infosolutions for great results.

In the end, Thumps up and Share

happy new years 2019

Orion Infosolutions Wishing You All Happy New Year 2019

New year brings with itself new hopes and expectations !”

And so does the companies. They bring a lot of exciting offers and discounts. Everyone waits for this festive period of the year. We, Orion Infosolutions are wishing you a very happy new year. May the year 2019 be more winning and joyous for you than the previous year.

And may this year be more promising for the market of mobile applications also.

The mobile market is going to be dominated by mobile apps this year. Mobile apps are expected to generate $188.9 billion revenue globally by 2020.

The mobile application is the future of every business now because the number of smartphone users has increased to 5.135 billion.

Mobile apps have become a synonym for growth. These apps are more convenient, easy to navigate and look much better than mobile apps.

After analyzing the successful experience of many brands, it has been proved that mobile apps can help to boost sales of businesses significantly. The stimulating factor behind developing mobile apps for any business is that their customers are available on their smartphones all the time.

Customers can be accessed at any time. They can be informed about the offers and discounts.

These apps help businesses to build trust with their customers by remembering their wish list, birthdays and progress rewards. Their online behavior can be analyzed.

All of these benefits enable us to create a powerful marketing strategy.

wish you a very happy new year

We have brought you a lot of exciting offers

If you are looking forward to expanding your business by including mobile apps in your lead generation strategy. Then we are here to provide you with excellent mobile apps with a better UI and the latest technologies. We are not only going to create the mobile app as per your requirements, but they are even going to be in your budget also.

Our mobile app development services are:-

  • UI/UX Design

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  • IoT & Wearable Development

  • Responsive Web Development

  • CMS Development

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  • Cloud Computing & More


Our mobile app developers have years of experience. All you got to do is just trust us, and we will leave no stone to unturn to meet up to your expectations. Apart from developing a perfect and virtually attractive app, we are going to give you all kind of technical support you need related to these apps.

Travel App development

How Much Does It Cost To Build Travel App To Make ($)

The first travel application was developed for iPhone technology since its heritage”

In the 20th century, the travel app developments go all along with superior counts! Whether you pick the smartphone and open the app to find some great places, hotels, flights, dinners etc. It is just like magic which has a spell to satisfy your utility.

Finding top-niche great places for summer vacation chill out friends in the night, stay in a hotel, popping somewhere with family and make yourself adjust into the adventure zone. Travel industry and traveling mobile applications sort things fastly and rapidly.

Hey! Why you won’t develop your own travel application, I mean it can be a great business idea too!

I know it is deep downing business idea, but, millions of people’s searches for best travel application in the market imagine you at the #1 list. Too great!

best travel app - google search

There are hot & chill applications available to the users which regardless teach them and route them for finding the best at a cheap price. Everything is under the foot; you will go to find deadly travel application (free) with tons of numeric features for support and easy navigation.


Here are some pop-corn travel apps, intensifying traveling experiences smarter, cooler, and richer:

  • Trip Planning Apps – Google Trip, Trip Planner, Tripit etc.

  • Hotel/Flight/Train Booking Apps – Trivago, MMT, etc.
  • Location Tracking Apps – TMT, Google Maps, Polar Steps
  • Language Translating Apps – Google Translator, All Translator etc.


[The above application widely increases the traveling experiences internationally]

Nowadays, peoples on social media get hit by travel mobile application in terms of styles, holidays, vacations and more. Don’t you believe that 75% tribe (peoples) update their pics and videos on social media for vacation, trip planning, summer holidays, adventure and more?

Here I pointed out some best travel app features that give an answer to the question – Why people/business/corporate need travel mobile application? Or even though it helps you to attract customers (eventually)!

Let’s go…

Unbeatable Features of Travel App Development – Need To Be Study in 2019!

When I talked to the peoples about how much travel mobile application help you?

Up to MassiveIntermediateSomewhat! The answer looks like…

Features of Travel App Development


Don’t be going with only surveys! Here are more which I pointed down:

1.1 General Features of Mobile Travel Application

1. Tracking

It is conscious features that travel application must have, in defense of this, and mean user searches for the location either for planning a trip or searching instantly for on-the-go.

If this (tracking services) is missing from the list, it drops all or travel application is empty without this.

2. Forecasting

The best way to put your apps in front of the customers is with future prediction. Climatic and weather forecasting feature in travel application helps peoples to design/plan/action to go for trip say (yes/no).

Getting a future update of the location/place/site help you to judge the atmosphere of the pointed trip.

3. Push Notification

With the help of AI technology, people get breath-relieving updates instantly (doesn’t) matter where you are. Notification plays a vital role to move to decision-making or gets updates.

News, accidents, coverage, stories, great places to chill out – these types of interment notifications helps peoples to hold travel application for long-terms.

4. Social Sharing

People are more addictive to share posts like pics, videos, short stories on social media with exciting locations, hotels, and great places. With the help of travel application, you can chill and freak out directly with social touch instantly.

Refer to friends; ask for help, suggestions from social media help people to plan a useful trip.

5. Translator

Taking about languages or religious system, your app should compatible with all kind of languages. The all-in-one function performs and gives a good impact to the customers.

Services like language translation help more wisely to know the places exactly and other stuff too.

1.2 Advance Feature of Mobile Travel Application

1. Strong Payment Gateway

Strong enough with un-dead security help to make travel application richer and strong. Allowing users to make and accept payment with mobile payment services is the best feature of travel apps, like its substitute having.

However, the plastic money and net banking help people to contribute towards digitalization and (making economy) strong and faster. The strong payment interface like PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple pay and so on makes transaction even smoother.

2. Miscellaneous Booking Facility

Booking facility like hotel bookings, flight bookings, cars bookings, and trains booking so on services on-the-go must have in your travel application like – MakeMyTrip, Trivago and have.

Integrate with booking services effectively is the main source to succeed your app in the market along all.

3. Smart Booking Services

Modern-day peoples are more educative as the percentile increases constantly. They behave, compare, and understand the things after comparison.

So, what I mean to say is that smart booking in travel apps is must essential features should be ad while developing mobile-based travel application. Smart booking services like performing multiple functions such as price comparison, review statics, categorization, sorting, set reminders, timely notify, and others are the most popular way to make you travel application more addictive and killing.

4. Discounts and Offers

Don’t you think that the modern world market is only based on discounts, offers, and attractions?

I mean, I plan trips, book flights, even most of the time ordering food from mobile only when I get discounts or bumper prizes.

I know it mouth-watering services, millions of enterprises adopt to increase their sales, earn profit along with extent customer-relationship.

5. Feedback System/ Handle Grievance

The craziest and superior way, hold for a second, and emphasize what your customers demand or query for!

An application like Google Maps and TMT focus more towards customer’s relationship and handle their grievance time to time. So, if you are a start-up and thinking – how to extend the relationship with customers, the best part is, go with time to time feedback and grievance handling online.

Wow! Hold for a second (look down) what a notch design it is! Do you even imagine, at what level of percentile U.S Travel mobile apps talking by the people there!


No! Read this Interesting Fact…!

fact about travel mobile apps


Move forward I think you are crazier to know more about travel mobile app development. So, I present you the delicious head with some magic words!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Travelling Mobile Apps (Other Guides Don’t Talk About)

It is cool climatic outside – I think I will plan to go somewhere (you probably too)!

I read many blogs outsides in the market, going above that even articles (offline & online), magazines, and statistics. All same stuff talks about some advantages and disadvantages of traveling.

None of them have the guts to talk about unlike! But I do…!

Hold this blog and keep scrolling to find the Unlisted (even yet) pros and cons of travel mobile apps in the 20th century in standing presents. The below imparted pros and cons of specific travel mobile apps have been segmented from the above list (which I have mentioned earlier).

2.1 Tripit (Trip Planning App)


Tripit - Trip Planning App

Tripit #1 on the Google Play App Store, serve services internationally is a trip planner all round less than one roof travel mobile application allows you to book, schedule, track, find what you need on the go (before and after).


I think for many users Tripit is a winner for their trip plan! What I say about its advantages – convenient, easy to plan, on-the-go service, easy booking, check seats, reserve seats, track while you go or else.

But, I will tell its unique advantage; it has one that you just need to email a reservation to ( and it will automatically add to your agenda in the app. Simple and Convenient!


There is only one drawback is that Tripit not recognize a reservation you did not make. Although it counts as a security option too!

Remark: As it is standing #1 list of the Play Store, and its better + updating services hold the many travelers (me too)! So, it is best for trip planners.

2.2 (Booking App) - Booking App

In the term of Booking flights, trains, buses etc ‘’ is one of the million choice travel apps by people in the Play Store. It’s feasible services like; find and book hotels, motels, explore amazing travel deals and so on.


Apart from miscellaneous offers and facilities, the unique advantages peoples get is that – less paperwork and on-the-go services which save a large amount of time and book in an easy way.


Just only ones that they should improve their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that means customer services are slightly below expectation level.

Remark: It is good, it is considerable for those who stay or adventure all outside the home.

2.3 Google Map Go (Location Tracking App)


Google Map Go - Location Tracking App

More friendly, convenient, and easy to find and locate! Google Maps much easier for the people on-the-way for tracking, finding, locating and sharing real-time data to the friends where ever you are.


The best part to talk about its advantage is that even you are looking for some start-ups or small kind places, business, restaurant, homes etc. the result is slightly 90% correct.


The bad thing about this application is sometimes it gets confused to show the real facts and just close explicitly.

Remark: Popular, Traveller friend, and real-time measures. I like this!

2.4 Google Translator (Language Translator Apps)

Google Translator - Language Translator Apps

One of my favorite app for enriching the overseas traveling experiences, Google translator is simply converting text into the commanded language you choose, even with the help of AI you can use the function text-to-speech out.


What I personally felt about this local and travel guide is that it is profound, feasible, easy to use and another functionality service.


The one basic drawback of Google translator is that it has no active function that can correct the grammatical mistakes.

Remark: 200+ million people use this travel guide application. So as I am too!

It is time to talk about what I am basically emphasis to write this blog! Cost-Cost-Cost!

I guess so!

I eventually search for the cost to develop travel application! And, I found the answer but not in the way I like, you like or users like!

Don’t you ever try to search how much does it cost to build travel app like Tripit? Google Trip? MMT?

Well, I am going to reveal the cost right here, right now…be with my blog!

Popular Travel Apps and Cost To Design


Well, there are topping-mixing choices available in the App store, but which I felt personally awesome for traveling experience – I suggest MMT, Tripit,, Google Maps, and Google Translator.

I don’t think so, much greater apps footed in the market accept above one!

Well, It is hard to know the exact price of the app you were looking for? Like the case, it happened to me!

Although, there are other alternatives available to get the estimates to know. But I think it does not give the satisfied result. Even when I estimate price on App Cost Calculator’ it goes much out form the budgeted cost! But still it good for knowing this kind of stuff!

The basic answer is to know the price of the application will or where cost is that – do the comparison! Like I did

And, I know a lot of people saying that the cost of app development highly depends on the app features and functionality they want! (It is true)!

But, it still misses out the cost (you) and (I) want to know?

In my one of the most view article, I answered that the cost of great/moderate/small app development highly depends on the culture/technologies/size/hourly rate of the company.

And, it is true! Even you can estimate and figure out the cost of app development easily.

So, moving forward I am going to tell you the names with the cost of popular traveling mobile application contributing highly to the economy (plus) simplifying the people life.

Let’s get dig!

3.1. Make My Trip (MMT)

Make My Trip travel app

In-App-Features to breakdown to Calculate Cost:

App Platform – Android/IOS ($1,000 – $6,000)

Log In Access/Security – Yes ($500 – $1,500)

Admin Feature – Yes ($600 – $3,000)

In-App Purchase – No

Rate and Review – Yes ($500 – $1,000)

Website Access – Yes ($700 – $2,000)

Third Party – No

UI Design – Excellent ($500 – $4,000)

If you will break down these estimations (purely) the minimum to maximum cost will take you to develop an app like MMT with these above features about ($3,700 – $17,500) respectively.

[Note: The decrement and increasement of the app development cost may additional depends on your app features and idea you want to add like third-party integration, more security options, more admin features etc.]

Here you can determine the cost of the similar travel application via (opening) points from which I have been taken!

I use a different kind of app cost calculators like venturepact, buildfire, and estimatemyapp in order to estimate the cost for you! But remember none of them going to tell you an exact price (homogenous).

You can try it; it is free of cost and #1-#2-#3 position on the Google Rank!

You can use these tools to know any kind of app (you haunt for)! To know how much Tripit,, and TMT cost you, simply use these tools.

The cost which I presented to you is differentiated by varied ‘App Cost Calculator’ >>> so I examine deeply and write those cost estimates on (averages basis) and don’t forget it also fluctuate from small sizes to the large business sizes too.

Continue this topic little for ahead…!

I think the factors of cost determinant is not sub-contractile based on company size, development charges, location, culture, competition, laws, developers skills, and demand!

What you think!

Well, I think it is more out of the box!

Can’t-miss technologies (either)! I mean I research on it.

Mobile App Development Cost In India Breakdown On Technologies


There is a hype says by a lot of the people about the cost to develop an app in India or somewhere!

If this sounds well match with you! Continue to read this blog and forget to share this.

Do you know?

The first mobile application was developed in 1994 even there was no App Store available! Since the long journey covered yet, millions of changes happened by side.

If talking about the technologies, big companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple are some brand new hall of the names sitting top of the seat and leading in the invention of technologies ahead.

If you think to develop an app for any kind of platform or technologies, and thus it will cost you same! Let me remind you, you are out of the pocket…!

The decision related to opts technologies and develop on that is crucial brainstorm. The price varies and it highly affects the development time and client cost too!

As I research different countries for app development developers cost/charge per hourly, the result looks like…

cost to develop an app in USA

cost to develop an app in USA graph

cost to develop an app in Europe

cost to develop an app in Europe graph

cost to develop an app in India

cost to develop an app in India graph

Wow! Too much competence

The above hourly cost on a different region of developers has been surveyed on various sources like Google, blogs, articles, magazines, news etc. The real cost of app development slightly may different on an actual event.

If you are planning to develop app and cost margin in your hand, then I think, India will be the much better option than (others) to get high-quality work in low-cost.

I mean you can save thousand dollars here!

So, get yourself dive here…!

I know without research and having knowledge of the Indian Companies! (Hmmm)

Is that on your mind…!

Orion infosolutions – Inspired By Great Works!

orion infosolutions working technology for travel app

< Partner With Us >

Orion infosolutions is a certified and award-winning mobile app development, web design, game app solution, and software development company in India along with sales verticals at USA and Germany location.

Having gold charm 5+ years experience we passionately have 1100+ happy clients scattered around the world. We have 45+ numbers of serious, professional, and skilled developer’s team that constantly stay stick to delivering on-demand solutions.

For business and non-business profession, our business verticals lie to solve any ideal industries like, education, healthcare, business, entertainment, lifestyle, agriculture, medical etc. with 100% satisfaction results (which is our words of mouth).

Our smart mobile app developers have quality beverages that persistent of developing an application with the motive to create tech-friendly applications. Walk with trending technologies, we lofty works on demanding technologies like, React Native, Angular Js, Ionic, PhoneGap, Opencart, Joomla and much more.

5.1 Our App Development Solutions Cost Is The Best Friend For Your Project!


Orion infosolutions cost for travel app development


5.2 Orion infosolutions Mobile App Development Process To Develop Outstanding Ideas

1. Analysis & Brainstorm

Planning and identify the approach with the team is our remarkable sign for the app development process.

2. Turn Around Time

Estimate the clock speed movement with the project completion time. It is effective and efficient in the process.

3. Documentation

Write down the important and useful stuff which ultimately help in the app development process.

4. Prototype

Make a rough glimpse of your brilliant application for making the application awesome.

5. Development

Bring all business resources into the common direction with proper management and effective coordination.

6. Deployment

Put down the action of all business resources in order to complete the project within the meantime.

7. Testing

Ensuring the overall quality of the project before handover to the clients is what we love to do.

8. Support

We offer 24*7 agile maintain and support system to the clients in order to feel free to contact us.

5.3 Our Payment Mechanism Simplifies Your Investment

We bring smiles to the clients and strengthen our relationship with them for long-last results”


Our simple and user convenience payment methods simplify clients to manage with each aspect they want! Along with smiles, we bring smart work in front of the clients and deliver 100% secured application.

1. Our Payment Process:

After analyzing the client request and ideas of the project support by its features and functionality, we simply ask them to deposit 10% – 15% of the total amount of estimates as an initial.

Further, the payment of the remaining parts is divided into various milestones (on the basis of the project score).

2. Our Payment Method:

It is simple as we made for you; pay with PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit!! Secure and Simple

According to Wikipedia –PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like cheques and money orders”.

PayPal – A simple way to Pay for services you get! 100% protected and certified.

Final Thought!

It is easy to end up things in the end!

But, it is not the end; it is your fresh start you can do.

Nowadays, business gets stronger and stronger with the help of IT Professionals. Helping in improving the economy, people’s lifestyles, growing business, generate employment, and much more.

With the help of mobile app development, it holds billion dollar presence smartly! It’s your time too!

Work with great professionals and bring high prosperity!

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blue background with floating particles, technology concept


Hello, world! What popping and collision happen in blockchain game development.

Yet! The blockchain technology and gaming hold beneath taking collision drift like Ice Age and hold the great surprises of both industries.

Innovation is the brilliant name to invent something’ – isn’t it!

Blockchain game development is on its list.

So, here I am going to discuss some future, impact, and benefits of blockchain games.

What is Blockchain Based Games?

To say in a simple manner, a blockchain game is game that or on built (partially) in public favor which enables each player to own and control their own data.

For a game developer, it means anyone is connected with rigid hosting and trying to run the game, has to submit a request from a player before they can write a new event on player’s database.

I think you get it!

Now, talking its white-collar side (means) benefits/advantages/pros that blockchain games depend and love by game developers and gamers.

Benefits of blockchain game development – Gamers (S…I…D…E)

Blockchain provides a useful tool for gamers including D Apps (Decentralized Applications) fast and secure payment networks and a propensity to control to properly monetize theirs creates.

Apart from this, gamers also can facilitate the exchange of virtual in-game items with tightening security using ‘Smart Contracts’ allow users to be confined to receive authentic items when they interact with blockchain technology.

The blockchain is totally worked on Decentralized functionality which duly exchanges for non-replaceable assets and these marketplaces give users the freedom to chat in P2P mode.

Benefits of blockchain game development – Developers (S…I…D…E)

Well, the budget of a mobile game development company has lucrative – estimated to be more than $50 Billion. So, here are the reasons why the blockchain game industry is proud memento and future of blockchain game development.

1. Simplifying Payment

The gaming industry is big as big as your payment though! With blockchain, gamers or users can pay with a decentralized method called blockchain no more carry debit or credit cards?

2. Minimize Fraud

Everything is in control says – blockchain >>> Keep trade with no fraudulent. Blockchain can save billions by investing and using crypto-currencies to avoid fraudulent activities.

3. Safety and Security

Due to decentralized functions and secure encryption – no chance to hit security like a flushing water. In blockchain data stored in such a manner so that no breach occurs.

4. Increase Game Economy

Do you believe?

Gaming industries earn billions of revenues in years. So, imagine what if blockchain grant his place in the gaming industry. It will highly push the national economy and other stuff frequently.

5. Incitement Others

It is true! Blockchain highly influencing other gaming industries to involve in the future of transaction or future of blockchain technology!

Would you imagine how wonderful it would be?

I imagine…It is great!

Great Blockchain Games – Year of Domination

Blockchain has great revolution story! It changes the pace of operating the trade in front of open eyes.

Moving to the gaming sector, blockchain proof himself outstanding in the top charts. Here are popular blockchain games – I think you have to try it:

1. Crypto kitties

game development company

Developer – Axiom Zen

Released – 2017 (1 year ago)

About – Getting huge popularity in the years of Thanksgiving Day – Crypto Kitties became the world first blockchain based video game on this planet. Crypto Kitties allows players to purchase, collect, breed, and sell various types of virtual cats using decentralized transaction.

2. Reality Clash

Reality Clash- mobile game development

Developer – Reality Game

Released – 2018

About – Reality Clash is based on first-ever blockchain technology in ICO mid of 2017 is estimated investment around $3.5 million. The game is location-based AR (Augmented Reality) mobile shooting game. Whereas the game totally captures the crypto collectibles with plenty of rich graphics and futuristic imagination along with funky skins also allows trading using the web-based armory marketplace using RCC currency.

3. Crypto Wars

Crypto Wars - game development

Developer – Experimental

Released – 2018

About – Crypto wars a new beginning of robot war using blockchain game technology that packed with full combat features and monetization. The game includes fabulous visual designs, game assets and a new interface that crack the dead with friends i.e. it is multiplayer fan game.

4. Play Table

Play Table - game developer

Developer –

Released – 2018

About – A new fascinating and more blockchain console game with attraction and ethereum technology is based on blockchain that ambitious the great amount of initial sale. Play with two partners along with the exchange of items, cash etc.

BlockChain Games – Developers Impact

Well, the window of shining twilights is not bound to stop to shine like blockchain games are delighting with years of lights.

Here, for game developer’s blockchain loftily changing game pace for blockchain game developers.

If you believe the gaming industry depict the number worth more than $300 billion.

blockchain gaming platforms

Source: Statista

And, may probably the day come soon, we all gather with blockchain gaming platforms.

I think that day is really lights away, but we are moving to make that day come closer faster and faster.

I know you wondering! How?

Exactly, in this head, I will talk about how blockchain based games give game-changing impact to the developers.

A. Startups Preparing for the Competition

Yah! Probably how…!

I am not counting the geographic boundaries I mean around the world (different corners) hundreds of thousands of savvy tech start-ups are now starting to melt down with blockchain based games (and I say this will cover our future as well).

As you know, Bitcoin was the first out of the box blockchain, creating a peer-to-peer exchange of value.

B. Funding and Marketing – A Great Thing

I am not talking one Rupee or Dollar; here the things design in billions of cases. For game developers raising fund (thinking) is like to search one thing in the dark.

Here Bit Guild and The Abyss help game developers easier to bring funds to the market.

C. Scalability and Loyalty – Blockchain Hold

The scalability in blockchain which is in decentralized form allows computing across multiple nodes in a network.

How it is loyal?

In 2014 a mine coins called ‘Huntercoin’ were released as parts of the game itself and it served like a successful goal which is still run strong today.

What Will You Call The Future of Blockchain Based Games?

I think you say it – rigid, experimental, comprehensive and more!

But in my view – it is fascinating, extraordinary and billion dollar path! Oh! I am not saying this, these are the words come from the big NRIs.

But, still we are a person, we have craze to know the future of blockchain game development.

Sit back and down your eyes (bottom) to the (Infographic) and check the future of blockchain based game development:

future of blockchain game development


Bottom Line

Unlike the blockchain technology finance or Cryptocurrency has started finding out the way of the success of this technology now!

For a second, if you look at the gallery of gaming, education, food, traveling – Blockchain enter and gained a valuable place in those niche sectors.

Yet! The gaming industry has a long road to walk and turn down to demonstrate the lights of sprinkling Tindal effect fruitfully like Blockchain Technology Cover-Up Healthcare and Pharmacy.

The blockchain gaming is walking side with hurdles. However, the developer of blockchain games faces legitimate issues at many points and definitely need to be overcome before the industry performs its potential.

Once its hurdle is flash out, it can look out for blockchain gaming…!

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Mobile Apps for Education Industry

13 Growing Importance of Mobile Apps for Education Industry

Hello friends! I hope your studies going well…!

Today, I come up with an amazing topic (as you headed up) already, but do you know what makes me amazing to write for this one!

Well, I was studied at night since for 2-3 hours, not from the books, from the source of the internet or you can say educational mobile apps

Don’t you think how wonderful is this?

Do you use mobile apps for education or studying…! (Hmmm)

If (yes) – it is great! If (no) – it’s time to check my blog!

Do you know?

The value of online education or mobile app education touchdown approximate 1.96 billion by 2021…and we are at the stage standing in the middle of that!

mobile app education touchdown approximate

And one more thing!

About 85% HIGH and CO education schools, institutes, and universities shake hand with education android app development in India to divergent and adopt the trend to give high and focused learning and knowledge platforms to the students that match with their best results.

So, I gonna to discuss, how mobile apps are growing advantage for education sector…?

Importance of Education Apps

Over the past few decades, children are well influenced upon by technology, when the mobile apps have been developing for education sectors, it simplifies dozen of things. Now a great education for children is become the most valuable assets and can be only determined and accomplished by mobile apps.

But, why you and I need to accept mobile apps for education? Does it change anything? Of course, it changes a lot as I mentioned below: –

Go check it…>>>

1. Increases Interaction – about 58%!

The research said that a normal interaction between parents, teachers, and children is done at a normal rate. But apps in education make the student more interactive and activate between all three!

So, the tendency of interaction goes 58% more than normal interaction…!

2. All on the Internet – up to 95%!

Well, we can’t neglect the power of the World Wide Web; everything you and I want to know about any category is out there. The wealth of this platform implicates the seekers to reach and find what they hunt for!

Similarly, the mobile application is well hosted with the internet, so teachers or students do not look at 10 different places for collection of one matter! Access any small to a large bunch of resources from the Internet.

3. Entertainment – you can imagine!

Traditionally, all the things have been taught via words of mouth along with body gesture! But it does not count in the right manner especially in India. Students become bored and flash all passes information in just of seconds!

Now things have been different, learning with passion and entertainment with the help of mobile application made the student more addictive towards learning and focusing on their exams.

Is it happens with you; then this is great keep it up!

4. All-time Availability – 24*7

Alike school, institute, and universities; you are not getting any help as mobile apps for education can do!

Imagine! Means anywhere can be classroom…you are free to know anything with simple and easy guides.

5. Utilize Leisure Time – put some efforts!

In free time some children’s plays, talks, sleeping or just sat ideally as I do! But, my friend the best time to utilize your leisure time with mobile apps where you can learn things instantly with magic and surprises.

So, go head up!

6. Free from Routine Tasks – how amazing!

I know we get bored by doing one thing again and again like homework for instances!

But with educational mobile apps, you are not just free from routine work but you have the power to learn the things when you want. Just follow the simple instruction and get it completed by a set time.

7. Filling in the Gaps – no hurdle!

Generally, it is seen that on-going or attending students creates a gap with teachers and parent as well. To filling those gaps apps and websites has been made to stay connect with your students or child in the loop of every event, schedule or any announcement.

8. Systematic Learning – all do!

It is true “Smart learning is one thing and systematic learning is next”! What you will accept.

Well everyone loves to do things in a scientific (systematic) manner. Like one great philosopher said “two or three systematic work may be more beneficial than doing disorganized then work”

9. Portability – will not confine!

iPhone app development company in India makes apps available to children anywhere, anytime they can learn things in a serious manner. As there is the constant companion of parents and students outsets there, so mobile apps for education are much portable.

10. Sustainability – at 100%!

Well, traditional education structure uses a pen, paper, pencils, and other stuff. But learning through mobile apps is 100% sustainable. If you try to get some notes it is easy to do.

11. Supports Instant Updates – no loss!

Well, mobile apps are well designed in a manner to test the adaptability by the consumers. Mobile apps ensure total updates of the learning status, by the time if there any updating happens; you get it on your side like a thunderbolt!

12. Track Students Progress – no more walk!

It is easier than getting feedback from the call or walking on your feet to the education asset. With simple and powerful educational apps for parents, teachers, and children you can check the list of real-time awareness by clicking one button.

13. Miscellaneous Functions – easy and simple!

Mobile apps have made the world of education simpler! Various thousands of kinds of activities like payments, scheduling, billing, addressing and many more functions can be easily done by one single application.

It is good to say that mobile apps for education are like – ‘One roof service’!

Powerful Impact of Mobile Apps over Education Industry!

Everything needs to be perfect because it shakes the world’

How about the above line…I made it by myself…!

Here are some interesting facts which I think you need to know…what swing has overwhelmed education industry day-by-day: –

education industry day-by-day

A True Case Study

Do you hear the TRIO?

One of the best School brand in India reported by ET (Economic Times)! TRIO is all about to learn global values with an excellent education. The school educates students from nursery to higher secondary as per scheduled Curriculum.

TRIO is available on Google Play Store to download!

The BackStory

It is true! School management is very common and sometimes hectic work. One of our clients brought an idea of creating a school management system which can let the school department’s work in a more efficient manner.

He wanted to create a one-roof school management system which leads to manage all kind of schooling activities like updates, contacts, faculty, offspring, events, timetables, tasks, fees, notices, attendance, library, transport and so on.

How We Execute The Development

For us, it was a challenging job, but not impossible, backed with a specialist and timely coordination we able to develop the idea of our clients into reality with cheers and leads.

Read how we planned the development – Orion infosolutions Mobile App Development Process!

Summing Up

The great determination takes time to complete, it depends on us to take as a proud or not!’

Hay! Again big words from my mouth…do you like it!

At the end! I just want to say… the education industry should shake hand with mobile app technology for better prosperity and growth!

It is the time to get in touch with a smart mobile app development company to develop an application with niche advantages…!

I hope you love the Orion infosolutions blog!

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